Die verfügbaren Mechanismen zur Sicherung der Datenqualität in Datenbanksystemen reichen für ein umfassendes Datenqualitätsmanagement nicht aus. Ganzheitliche Strategien erfordern neue Mechanismen zur gezielten Optimierung des Datenproduktionsprozesses.


The application of IT-supported processes in plant engineering - especially in the areas of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) - is steadily increasing. Thus, the data quality in the information management systems becomes more and more important. The information management systems have the following challenges: The amounts of data increase, the integration of the tools is not optimized and due to the system heterogeneous. The quality of the deliverables (documents, parts lists, drawings…

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The integration of medical products into the actual workflows and working processes of a productive environment is a difficult, time-consuming and cost-intensive task for both manufacturers and operators. Despite the standardization of DICOM and HL7, the integration of software components and medical products into a hospital information system still represents a huge task, owing to a lack of appropriate validation environments. The objective of this project is to create a generic test environment…

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